Mother Angela…for the world

17 Apr

After reading SM Colette’s reflection printed in our Update, on this vigil of the 20th Anniversary of the Beatification of Blessed Mary Angela, we cannot help but think about the poor children Blessed Mary Angela met on the streets of Warsaw. We truly feel her presence here in Jacmel. Many of our kids who come to us do not have shoes, or there is hardly any sole left on the ones they have. They do not know any prayers…not even how to make the sign of the cross.

Today we had to move our class to a bigger room because we are growing. We are using one of the classrooms in the pre-school on the first floor. It is not easy to lead a class with students between the ages of 10-19. Our students love to come and be involved in all the activities we plan for them. They are truly eager to learn. We cannot wait until we will have more computers. The few minutes that each of our students can use the computer to learn from the Rosetta Stone Program is a great reward for them. They are also learning how to use the computer. We, in turn, are benefitting from our students and learning more and more Creole.












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