Daily Archives: May 6, 2021

There motto is: Where There is Water, There is Life!

Water for Life was here in the Mission from May 3-6, digging water wells for us, for St. John Paul II School, for the new bakery site, and for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Cayes-Jacmel.

Water For Life’s mission is to provide clean drinking water; irrigation for farming opportunities; education; and other means of assistance to the Haitian people. The goal is to keep their bodies clean and free from diseases; to raise healthy, happy children; and to restore dignity and meaning to impoverished lives.

Our team of well diggers!
Deciding where the well needs to go…
Preparing the area for the well…
The crew began at the Mission complex on Tuesday, May 3, digging down 290 feet. Finally, after several hours of praying and watching and waiting, they found water!
After finding water, the pipes are prepared.

After the pipes are placed, the well is capped. Now we wait for what kind of pump will be the best for the well.

After they finished in our area, the team went to John Paul II School. At first, they could not enter the area with the big truck and machine. so it was decided to cut through the gate…

Then they began to dig. They had to go down 270 feet but, finally, struck water!

Next, they tried to go to the place where we are going to build the bakery. Due to the heavy rains, however, we have to wait. The area was too muddy for these heavy machines. The crew went to a fourth place in Cayes Jacmel and began to dig, but they burned a few hoses and needed to stop. The team will return in a few weeks after they get new hoses.

We are so grateful to Dr. Jean Paul Bonnet and his friends, who made this all possible. Yes, where there is water, there is life.