Christmas–Christ coming to our door and asking us to be sister and servant to all!

22 Dec

Everyday, we have the opportunity to encounter Christ in one way or another, through our prayer and community, as well as a simple ring of the bell and knock at the gate. Every month, we get a visit from a very poor woman and her three children. Sometimes they come hungry, always in tattered and dirty clothes, and usually sick. This time it was all of the above; they were totally in need. We looked at each other and agreed: This is Christmas; Christ coming to our door and asking us to be sister and servant.

A mother with her child who is suffering from malnutrition. You can tell by the color of his orange hair.
Sr. Inga prepares Christmas packages of food and treats, clothes and toys.
Sr. Marilyn gives some medication for a fever and some vitamins.
Please pray for this Madam who is pregnant again, with no help or means to have or take care of this child. She is a simple woman who does not know how to read or write.
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