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Employees Christmas Party

It has become a tradition at the Felician Mission that, on the Sunday before Christmas, we have a special prayer and dinner for our employees. It is a joy for us to celebrate with those who accompany us in serving the poor.

On Sunday, December 20, all those who share the mission with us came for the celebration. The Mother Angela Clinic Team; our cook for the Mother Angela Kitchen; our other workers, together with their spouses and children, joined in a wonderful afternoon of sharing the meaning of Christmas.

As always, we began with prayer and the tradition of sharing the sacred Christmas Wafer. The Word of God was shared from the Gospel of Luke, proclaiming the birth of Christ! Sister Inga shared the meaning of the Christmas Wafer and how we in our Felician family share wishes of peace, love and forgiveness. Being mindful of the COVID-19 virus we broke the wafer in pieces and placed them on individual plates. After using hand sanitizer we shared the wafer taking it from each others plates.

Christmas Wafer…Oplatek
Enjoying a delicious dinner…fried fish from the Caribbean Sea…
…banan, pikles, and dire jon jon! Delicious!
Enjoying some delicious homemade lasagna!
Some dancing!
Taking a moment to say thank you for serving the poor with with us!
Now for the moment everyone waits for…the gifts!
Dr. Valcin was certainly happy getting his gift.
Dr. Yves
Fritz and his daughter, Naida, and John, our grounds keeper.

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