Making a house call…

06 Apr

It has been a busy week of re-entry here. The children have returned to do homework and participate in our food program; mothers are here with their babies; and the sick reach out to us for help.

On Thursday, we received a call from Vilcia, who comes twice a week to help us with the laundry. She said she had been sick for the past two months, very weak and barely able to walk. She also has had a fever. Dr. Yves and Sister Marilyn went to see Vilcia in her small home, that had two chairs and a bed. After Dr. Yves. examined her, he suspected malaria and possibly typhoid. We needed to get her blood tested immediately. So we took her to a clinic where they could take these tests. On Friday, we received the results, and she does have malaria. Since it was malaria, she could receive the medication for free; and we needed to send a report to the Ministry of Health. We gave Vilcia the shot she needed, as well as starting her on the medications. She should be feeling better today. πŸ˜€

So many of you help us and are benefactors of the Mother Angela Clinic. You are making a difference, one person at a time. Thank you for saving lives with your prayers and help. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ•Šβ€οΈ

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