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Parachute games that help us learn colors and team building…

A few years ago, Sister Julitta from our Krakow Prince in Poland came to the Felician Haiti Mission for two weeks. She bought along with her a gift from her pre-school–a colorful parachute that is used to play different games. Each time we use it, we think of our dear Sister Julitta, who desires to return and be a part of the Haiti Mission.

Here we are learning our colors and learning how to work together…

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After school homework and activities

Each day our children come at 3 p.m. to work on their home work. Now they are preparing for their exams before the end of the quarter and before report cards. So many of them are so poor in their studies. Our teens help them with their homework. And so do we.

If they did not come to the Mission, they would not have a table or chair to do their work nor a sharpened pencil to complete their homework.

We are grateful that many of you are sponsoring these children to go to school or have sent school supplies that assist us to assist them.

All our children say, “Mesi anpil, thank you very much for your love and care for my education!”

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