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Sharing Christ and new life through the gift of clean water💦💧

On Monday, December 17, we were blessed to have another way in which God calls us to prepare the way for the Lord. Since we have been living in our new mission home, monthly we receive young mothers with their babies in need of diapers, milk, and clothing, as well as help when their baby is sick. It is so important for us to get to know these mothers and their situations, to be in relationship with them in the best way we can. All of them are single moms. This is not unusual among the poor. They move from place to place to find some place to live and try to be a provider for their child. It is a cycle that is difficult to break. We wanted to share the Christmas spirit with them, so we decided to to give the gift of clean water and let them know that God is here in our midst.

The arrival of our mothers with their babies.

Madame Omani and Melinda lead the formation and instruction of the water buckets and filters.

We even had a little day care with the help of our volunteers…

The women learned how to clean filters.

There were Christmas bags for babies and peanut butter sandwiches for all.

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