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Christmas Barrels have arrived 🎄

In the evening of October 25, we sent three barrels to Haiti. We placed Divine Mercy and St. Michael holy cards in the barrels and sent them off…praying and hoping they would arrive safely and untouched. They were filled with Christmas gifts for the kids, shirts and jackets donated by JDM, t-Shirts, toiletries and some candy. All would be for our Christmas celebration on December 25.

The barrels arrived in Port au Prince about two weeks later, but we needed to get them from the port to Jacmel. This was not an easy job because the demonstrations that had been going on were taking place right at the port where our barrels were waiting. Weeks passed by and, finally, in the timing of the Lord, they made it to Jacmel.

Unpacking the barrels…

Now the Christmas elves need to get to work for soon Christmas Day will be here…💫🎄

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