Palm Sunday and entering Holy Week 2018

25 Mar

In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus’ obedience is a matter of cosmic significance that represents a change in human nature. Faith in God’s promises gave Jesus the strength to overcome his own will, accept the cross and reveal the resurrection. Just so, Christians of every age, living with this new strength, can face the turmoil in their own lives with trust in God’s love. If today’s Gospel gives us any call to discipleship, it is to hold fast in prayer and to trust in God so that we can brave hostility and turmoil for the good of others. Through us, Jesus’ death can bring all to new life.

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One response to “Palm Sunday and entering Holy Week 2018

  1. Fr. Placid Stroik, OFM

    March 25, 2018 at 10:18 pm

    ditto….what a welcome cosmic change in human nature. no more backsliding. Jesus paid the account in full. with his grace we carry on.


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