Daily Archives: March 16, 2018

Meet FELIX, our cat!

When we moved into our new home at our new mission complex, we were very busy unpacking boxes for the convent, activity center, volunteer house, Mother Angela Clinic Pharmacy, and computer lab. This has taken several weeks; but, finally, we think that most everything is in place. We still have some construction workers here, but we will soon be able to have all the kids again.

In the meantime, everyday we noticed that a cat was hanging around. He would follow us everywhere we went. So, as good Felician Sisters, we named him FELIX. We speak to Felix in Creole and, believe it or not, he responds. He loves to sleep everywhere he can. Yes, he even catches mice. (Whenever you have construction, it seems to stir up the mice population.) We have never been cat lovers, but this little guy wants to be a part of our community. He is not allowed inside the houses, although there are times he sneaks inside. Felix is slowly but surely learning the rules. We are not feeding him, so maybe he is catching our mice and bugs…


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