Preparing for Jesus and His birth!

26 Dec

Jwaye Nwel! Merry Christmas! As the month of December was moving quickly and the Advent prayers were preparing our hearts for the coming of Jesus and the celebration of His birth, as well as our preparing many gifts for our children, we were now ready for the big day! It was also a time for baking and cooking. The day arrived and preparation for Jesus’ party was full of activities. The decorations, cooking, then the pageant, Mass, food, and gift giving. Before they received their gifts, all the children came to the chapel in groups to adore Jesus and wish Him a Happy Birthday. Then received a gift from Him. They were delighted with the choice of toys they received. Our children are so poor and do not have a Christmas morning full of gifts, but that certainly has taken on new meaning here as we make this day holy and fun for them. Thank you all for helping us make this a joyous day of praising Jesus, celebrating His birth, and making children very happy!

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