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Hope for Melinda and Marline

In the stillness of this Friday Advent night, as we sit after Evening Prayer and reflect on the day that has come to an end, our hearts are filled with mixed feelings. Today, we took our twins, Melinda and Marline, to Children’s Hope Home. After two days, their mother returned with the girls. They were in the same clothes we had given them a few days ago, and they were very hungry. We changed them and put clean diapers on them. The Mother was ready and needed to send them where they could get care and, yes, hope. We thank all those who have donated baby clothes, diapers and milk. You can’t imagine how grateful we are.

This mom really loves her girls, but she cannot care for them. As we pondered this whole event, we wondered what this all means as we we wait in joyful hope for the coming of the Lord. We trust this home where the children are so cared for and loved. As we waited for the papers to be signed, we watched this mom’s eyes fill up as she said again and again how she would miss them. She can visit every 15 days, which we will help her to do.

We then went to see Roseamita, and she was a bit shy; but we see she is at peace. We heard that her father does come every month to see her, too. She is walking and talking and seems to bring joy to all she meets.

The meaning of Christmas is indeed hope and saving grace no matter how hard the circumstances are and to what they lead us. We know and this mother knows that her little girls are safe, cared for, and loved. Merry Christmas, Melinda and Marline.

The Advent mystery is the beginning of the end of all within us that is not yet Christ.

—Thomas Merton

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To Love is to Give

On Thursday, December 14, our kids met for their faith formation class as usual. But this time, it would be a little different. Each one was given a gift to wrap and to give to someone who is poor. The following short video explains what they had to do, translation: “Go to the someone who is poor and tell them: ‘God loves you, Merry Christmas!'”

Each group was given different gifts to share–t-shirt, candy, soap and toothpaste. Now this is not as easy as it sounds. Each of these little children is poor, and for them it was difficult to GIVE AWAY something they want and, yes, they need. But don’t worry…this Christmas, because of your generosity and donations sent in the container, these children will receive many things they need.

So, after they finished wrapping their different gifts, they were sent…

After they finished preparing their small gifts to give to the poor, they were sent to proclaim: “God loves you! Merry Christmas!” As they followed their teacher, they all were singing: “Go, go, go, people; go with Jesus. Go, go, go, people, together with Jesus!”

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