Cuban Public Hospital in Cayes, Jacmel

31 Mar

On Tuesday, March 28, we were blest with some new visitors, who actually are our neighbors a few miles away in Cayes, Jacmel. They were Cuban doctors from the Cuban Hospital in Cayes, Jacmel. During our past four years working with our medical clinic, we have heard a lot about the hospital and its services for the poor. It was established after the 2010 earthquake, under the leadership of Fidel Castro, for whom the Cubans we met still have a profound respect. The doctors came to visit us; they had heard about the Klinik Manman Angela and the work we are doing throughout the Diocese.

It was a wonderful meeting, and we were invited to visit the hospital to see what they are doing to help the poor. We were able to share some hospital supplies that we had received in our container, and they were grateful. We, too, were grateful for this meeting because we have been seeing a few woman who are pregnant and cannot afford any type of prenatal care. God brought the Cuban doctors to us. Another amazing Haitian miracle!

On Wednesday, March 29, we decided to visit the hospital and see for ourselves the work they do for the poor. They gave us a tour of the hospital. We even visited the operating room.

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