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St. Yves Church had been broken into and desecrated

On February 2, after midnight, St. Yves Church was broken into. Their tabernacle, with the sacred Consecrated hosts, was stolen, as well as musical instruments and microphones. At that moment, the church had been desecrated. The Bishop was called, as well as the priests of the diocese. The parish faithful and all priests had to pray, fast, and do reparation. The Church was closed for one month. The people celebrated Mass in other areas during this time of prayer. On March 1, Ash Wednesday, the faith community, with Bishop Launay Saturne and many priests of the diocese, came to do the purification rite of the Church. St. Yves received a new tabernacle from St. Stephen’s Parish in Orlando, Florida. The tabernacle was blessed will need to stay in the rectory. It was a beautiful celebration, and we were very blessed to be a part of it.

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