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Little earthquake shakes our people!

On Thursday, January 28, in the afternoon, we were preparing for our catechesis classes, as well as our return to the States. All of a sudden, we heard a bang; and our priest and a young lady, who was studying outside where we were working, ran and shouted, “tramblemonte,” which means “earthquake.” We ran out of the room and saw everyone shouting the same thing. The priest looked frightened. We, of course, did not feel anything. All we heard was the bang of a chair that was thrown when Father ran outside. People were all on the streets shouting “tramblemonte.” As you can imagine, the people were full of great fear because of the memory of what happened with the last earthquake in 2010. They were scared. There was no aftershock, just shock on the faces of the people. That night, we did not put the padlock on our door in fear that we might need to run out of our house and down the stairs to get out of the building because of an earthquake.

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