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We would like to give you  an update on a young girl you heard us speak about–Christella. She was the young girl who ran away, and then was found. Soon after she reappeared,  we discovered that she was pregnant and was soon to give birth. She was without a home and was staying on the roof of someone’s house. We helped her to have a sonography, and she found out that she would have a girl. The result of the test showed that she was to give birth in March, but a week after the test  she delivered a baby girl. Go figure!

One family gave Christella a place to stay with her child for two weeks. After that, she was again homeless and seeking help. Thanks be to God for the networking we have made in Jacmel; we were able to find a home for her with the help of an organization from Canada. She is now being cared for in a group home and is learning how to take care of her child. 

During Christmas, Christella and her child visited friends in Jacmel. She and her baby slept in their kitchen, close to the place where they cook, by the fire place. During the night, the baby’s blanket caught fire. Thanks be to God! Christella woke up and saved her baby girl. Even the child’s diaper was black, but nothing happened to the child. It was a miracle.

Last Sunday, Christella was supposed to meet her father who had rejected her after she ran away almost two years ago. Christella does not know her mother, but has only heard about her. She supposedly lives in Jeremie. We pray for reconciliation with the father and for what is best for the future for Christella and her baby. 




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The Baptism of the Lord, a new mission begins with a new year!

The Christmas season has come to an end. The feast of the Baptism of Jesus brings us to the end of the Christmas season. Let us take time to recall the graces and gifts that have come to each of us (and to those whose lives we have touched) since the beginning of Advent on November 29. How have I welcomed the Lord this Christmas season? In what ways has God stretched and challenged me during these weeks? Where do I find myself now in relationship with my own person, with family and friends and co-workers, and, especially with our God? Which Christmas “gifts” do I particularly treasure this year?

These early days of 2016 we don’t have a precise roadmap with exact signposts for the year ahead. But let us have this confidence in God–that, if we ask anything according to His Will, God will hear us. Let us not be afraid to “cast into the deep.” God is with us!

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