The blessing of having our own doctor!

02 Sep

On Tuesday, September 1, our Dr. Wanitha spent the morning seeing the kids from our neighborhood whom we suspected have scabbies. This is a skin disease that is found among the poor due to poor sanitary conditions. It is highly contagious and easily spread among family members. We had two families come for consultation, and our suspicions were correct. All were given needed medication for the disease. They need to wash all their clothes and clean their living space well. We want to provide the needed materials to clean and wash, using sanitizers. Our people do not have access to free running water so this becomes a problem. We also have been providing them with water so they have the opportunity to bathe twice a day, and they have been given the needed medical treatments. Both families do participate in the “Water with Blessing” project so they do have clean water available to them. 

Again, we thank you for your generous support for this to be possible and for our people to get the care they need. 


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