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Miracle of the Way

We believed that, coming to the U.S. at this time, we would get an opportunity to see Pope Francis. Jesus says: “Have faith.” So we put our names in the USCCB lottery and waited, but we did not win. Then we thought maybe in NYC we would get a chance, but it was too late. “O you of little faith…” God certainly had another plan for us.

On Friday. Sr. Joselle, local minister in Lodi, said her sister had two tickets for the Mass in Philadelphia. We would need to find a place to stay. But it was last minute, and all places were full. Once again, “O you of little faith.” God never disappoints us. Our brothers and sisters who we met last weekend in Chicago from the Neocatechumenal Way opened their heart and home. We had a place to stay just a 45-minute walk from where the Mass would take place! We are staying with two families and a group of little kids! We seem to always be surrounded by kids. Praise the Lord for them and for the family!



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