Remembering the 5th Anniversary of the Earthquake in Haiti

13 Jan

Today, January 12, all of Haiti remembered the 5th anniversary of the earthquake that nearly destroyed their country. Many lives were lost; and people were crippled physically, psychologically, and socially.

We began the day with Mass and prayers for those who died and for those who survived and are still trying to rebuild their lives. In the evening, we invited our kids and teens who wanted to pray and to share what they had experienced on January 12, 2010, telling about where they were and what they felt.

The most moving story was from Deborah, whose story was shared by her mother. Deborah’s best friend was in her house at about 4:45 p.m. When the earthquake struck, her house fell on top of her, and she was buried alive. For two days, she was yelling for her mother and father. They could hear her cries, but they could not get her out. After two days, she died under the rubble.

The evening was a beautiful experience of songs, prayers, and sharing of stories. The kids asked us to share where we were that day. We assured them we were in solidarity with them, and that is why we are with them today. At the end of the service, one of our teenage boys thanked us for giving them the opportunity to share their stories and for wanting to listen to them. He thanked God for sending us to be with them. They all wanted us to thank the Felician Sisters for sending us here to Jacmel.




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