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More pictures

More pictures from our visitors from Madonna University:

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Bon Ane 2015

This morning we welcomed the New Year by taking our kids to Sacred Heart Church and to see a new manger for baby Jesus. January 1 is a very special day for all Haitians. We celebrate the feast of the Mother of God and Independence Day. We also pray for peace in our country and in the world.

All of Haiti celebrates their Independence on January 1; it is the day they received their freedom from slavery for which they fought and won. Haitians are very proud of their freedom and celebrate by eating soup Jamou, pumpkin soup, all day. This tradition is meaningful for Haitians because, while in slavery, they were not allowed to eat the pumpkin soup that the French slaveholders could eat. When Haiti won their independence, they all ate pumpkin soup.

Today we served pumpkin soup in the Mother Angela Kitchen. All the kids were happy to join in the celebration.

On Christmas Day, our two little friends, Cassandra and Maria, could not come for the feast because they were sick. They joined us today and received their Christmas gifts with much happiness and joy.












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