January 1, Independence Day – Soup Jamou

02 Jan

Today we celebrate not only New Year’s Day, but Independence Day here in Haiti. When the French were in control, there was a law which stated that only the French were able to eat soup because they were in the upper class. The French used to have a custom that only they could eat soup on New Year’s Day. Blacks weren’t allowed.

Eventually when Haiti proclamed its independence, all Haitians started to eat soup. It was a way to demonstrate that everyone was equal. Since that time, the Haitian people keep this custom of eating pumpkin soup on Independence Day. The soup was a symbol that the French were no longer in control. People did not want to be treated like slaves and told what they could and could not do. Cooking and eating the soup on New Year’s Day is a way to celebrate freedom. We joined our Haitian brothers and sisters in eating pumpkin soup.




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One response to “January 1, Independence Day – Soup Jamou

  1. Placid Stroik

    January 2, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    I’ll eat to that …soup, like freedom…for everyone ….Fr.Placid


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