Love your Congregation dearly.

09 Oct

Today we returned from Port au Prince, bringing with us an electrician who was going to check our electricity and its capacity. We arrived in Jacmel at 4 p.m. and we still had no electricity. This meant the electrician was not able to do his work, but he was able to see what we could do to solve the problem of not having electricity. We are researching the possibility of getting an inverter and batteries.

As evening approached, we got ready to celebrate the Transitus of our foundress, Blessed Mary Angela. It was appropriate that we were in the dark since the service was centered around Angela being a light in the world. One large candle symbolized Mother Angela, and the small candles symbolized Felician Sisters throughout the world. We are happy that one of those candles was for Haiti, and soon another will be for Tanzania.

Love your Congregation dearly.
Let its spirit penetrate you deeply.
Over and above your father, mother and everything else in the world,
Love the Will of God so as to be engulfed by it.
Because your vocation is readiness for any sacrifice and at anytime –
Serve there where God places you and always in such ways
as He points out to you.



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