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Unless the Lord builds the house…

Lebrun’s situation truly shows that the Lord is building his house. Lebrun did not have land, money, nor materials to have a home for his family; but the Lord made this possible through the help of friends and generous benefactors.





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Karolina from Krakow

Today we met Karolina, the engineer from Krakow, Poland, who was hired by the Polska Haiti Foundation that is building a school for the Diocese of Jacmel. The new school is being funded by Charitas in Poland. We invited Karolina for dinner and served goĊ‚abki (stuffed cabbage) and cole slaw. We tried to give a touch of Poland, but we added fried banana for a touch of Haiti.

After dinner, we went with Karolina to the land where the school is being built and where our new convent will be. We also saw the progress being made in building the new Cathedral, which starts with building the wall around the property. Today, Sunday, they were working on the Cathedral.

We asked Karolina to take a look at Lebrun’s and Lelan’s new home that is being built on their newly-bought property. She gave them some good advice about the structure and, especially, about the placement of their roof.





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