Rejoicing how our students appreciate the little things…

07 May

We now have two groups in our language program. Due to the size of the group and the varied ages, we separated them. This makes it much easier for planning activities and conversation. We also have adults who come to us for learning on an individual basis. Norma is a nurse who works in the hospital here in Jacmel. She is interested in working with us in our mobile clinic. Our afternoons are full, and we do not finish until 8 p.m. We rejoice to see how our students appreciate the little things, such as having their own notebook, pencil, crayons, a coloring book. Most of all, they enjoy manje (eating) rice and beans and a glass of water. Every evening we see young people outside our door, under the street light, studying because in their homes they have no electricity. Here in Haiti, you share everything.








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