“…and in the marketplace, every day with them that were there.” Acts 17:17

07 May

“Paul disputed, therefore, in the synagogue with the Jews, and with them that served God, and in the marketplace, every day with them that were there.” Acts 17:17

Once a week we go to the outside market to get our fruits and vegetables. When we first arrived in Jacmel, we would always go with someone since we did not know the language too well. At the beginning, people were surprised that we were doing our shopping in the marketplace. The people are getting to know us, and we know them. Now we are able to go ourselves, since we have the car and we know how to bargain. The people expect us to bargain with them. We know when they are asking too much for an item, and they are surprised. The market is a great place to practice our Creole. It is an even greater place to get to know the people and to evangelize.


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