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Diocese of Jacmel prays for Pope Francis

Today at 5 p.m., in every Diocese in Haiti, the Bishop celebrated Mass for Pope Francis. It was a joy to be a part of the Universal Church. Since the cathedral was destroyed by the earthquake, we met in the temporary place of worship. This is located in the middle of the public market.






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Recognizing Christ in the poor

This morning we read a reflection from ‘The Fire of Christ’s Love’ by Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap. The title was “Recognizing Christ in the Poor.” He writes: “Jesus of Nazareth identified himself with the poor. He who pronounced the words ‘This is my body’ over the bread said the very same word about the poor. He said so when, talking of what had been done or not done for those who are hungry, naked, in prison, or strangers, he solemnly declared, ‘You did it to me’ and ‘You did not do it for me.’ Mt 25: 31-46. It is as if he said, ‘that ragged beggar in need of something to eat, that poor wretch with hands outstretched, was me…it was me!…This is my body.'” We had the opportunity this afternoon to meet Christ in the many people we met. Gael took us to the poor elderly she knew. We visited poor homes and saw how clean they are kept, with only a chair, a table and a bed in one room, with a curtain as a door. Yes, this is where we saw and met the Body of Christ. We distributed the hygiene kits we prepared yesterday. People were very grateful for the aspirin and children’s vitamins we included in the small package. We thank the Father for being able to see his Son today in his first love–the poor.



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