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Habemus Papem

We have a Pope! Today, with the whole Universal Church, we waited for the white smoke to tell us we have a new Pope. At first we could not connect on the internet to watch it live. Finally, we were able to watch the announcement of the new Pope with the help of a friend from Poland who shared the transmission from her TV through FaceTime. We were happy to hear that Pope Francis I is from the Americas and was humble enough to ask us first to pray a blessing over him before he gave us his first apostolic blessing.




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Praying for the Conclave

On Monday, March 12, we were blest to have Mass celebrated by Fr. Kontan in our chapel, praying for the Cardinals as they gathered for the Conclave in Rome. It was a joyous moment of prayer for the universal Church, as we prayed with those who come to visit us. They brought such beauty to the Mass with their singing in Creole.




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