Felician Sisters soon to be in Jacmel

17 Nov

On Friday, November 16 we met with Bishop Launay Saturne to discuss our coming to Jacmel. After our meeting with him he took us to various sites for our future living accommodations and mission. One of the sites was the youngest and poorest parish in the Diocese, called St. Yves. The worship space is a tent and the pastor lives in a small rented house. We saw many opportunities for Felician presence in this area that has many needs.

The Bishop showed us land that is owned by the Diocese that the Polish Haiti Foundation will be building a future school. It is was a special joy for Sister Inga to hear that her homeland has a generous heart for the people of Haiti.

On the way back Yvon met with a friend who owns a papaya plantation. We had never seen anything like this, papaya everywhere. They were very tasty.

On the way back to Port au Prince, young people were getting out of school at 5 p.m. It was already dark. These teens have to walk miles back to their homes. Joseph, who always offers those he sees walking someplace a ride in the back of his pick-up truck, told the kids to get in, we had 9 in all. As soon as we started up the mountain it began to rain. It was a downpour and these kids got soaked. But at least they did not have to walk in it.














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One response to “Felician Sisters soon to be in Jacmel

  1. Sister Mary Virginia Tomasiak

    December 2, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    Your blog is excellent and it helps me to continue to pray for you in a most fervent way. May the Lord grant you physical and spiritual energy as you lay the foundation for your ministry in Jacmel.
    Sister Virginia


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