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Doctors unite…

As we prepare for our new mission in Jacmel, we have been staying in Yvon’s home the past two months in Port au Prince. It is a house of hospitality and has many interesting guests, This week he housed five doctors from New York City, a medical team from ORSI Orthopedic Relief Services International, led by Dr. Ron Israelski, President and CEO of the organization. His parents were Holocaust survivors from Poland. Most of the members of his family died in concentration camps. He has a passion for humanity and shares that passion here in Haiti. His team of doctors work with resident doctors in the General Hospital in downtown Port-au-Prince. They perform surgeries and give lectures to the residents for the week. This hospital serves the poorest of the poor. Yesterday, we were in a conversation with someone from Haiti who said they would never go to this hospital because of its poor conditions. Dr. Israelski comes to Haiti with his team of doctors a few times a year to provide global educational infrastructural support. We invite you to check out the Youtube presentation he gave from the hospital last March.

Yesterday, Dr. Israelski asked Yvon to host a reception for the residents from General Hospital in his home. There were 20 doctors gathered here, 15 Haitian and 5 from the States. It was a joy to watch and listen to the sharing of people who want to help heal the broken in body.

Everyone, including us, enjoyed the delicious Haitian rice, chicken and goat prepared by Claudette and her helpers.






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