Part I “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” Matthew 14:28

11 Nov

On Wednesday, November 7 early in the morning we began one the most prayer-filled and faith-filled journeys of our lives. We went with Yvon, Don and his brother Dan to Jeremie by Land Cruiser. You may remember that a month ago we had to fly to Jeremie. To travel by car to Jeremie there is only one road. This road is paved halfway, the rest is just a path through the rocky mountains. Because the rivers cut through the mountains during the rainy season the roads are often not accessible. We traveled along the Caribbean Sea, that starts on one side of the peninsula to the other side. The people were always ready to guide and help us get through the water when needed. When you get hungry your rest stops are by the side of the road with people selling sugarcane, bananas, and other fresh fruits.In the middle of our journey we met up with a broken down “Tap, Tap,” Haitian public transportation, that had been stranded for three days. The people had no food or water so we gave them what food and water we had with us.

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