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St. James Catechumens preparing for Sacraments participate in the First Scrutiny

On Sunday, March 12, the Catechumens from St. James Parish participated in the First Scrutiny. During the First Scrutiny (third Sunday of Lent), the Elect have hands laid upon them and are prayed over and pray that they may reject everything in their lives that is contrary to Christ.

God of power,
you sent your Son to be our Savior.
Grant that these catechumens,
who, like the woman of Samaria, thirst for living water, may turn to the Lord as they hear his word and acknowledge the sins and weaknesses that weigh them down.
Protect them from vain reliance on self and defend them from the power of Satan.
Free them from the spirit of deceit, so that, admitting the wrong they have done, they may attain purity of heart and advance on the way to salvation.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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