Meet Junior

02 Oct
Junior working in the St. Clare Sewing School

Junior, Ti fre, (little brother). We met Junior when both his parents were already dead, and his grandmother had taken him in. He then moved from the mountains to Jacmel and lived near our old home. He came to us for meals and for homework. Once he was able to help others, he was eager to engage in our Pay-it-Forward program. In return for help, we paid for his school and English lessons; he did homework with younger children. At the moment, his English is so good that he could find a job as a translator, if only normal life would return to Haiti.

Junior has many talents. He is a barber. We bought him razor blades, and he cuts the hair of all the children who come to us. Later, priests also started using his services, because he does it really well. During one of our visits to the United States, we bought him a hair clipper so that he could possibly start a small business.

Probably Junior’s greatest talent is tailoring. First, he watched a tailor in town; then he started helping him. He asked us to pay for him to go to a tailor’s school. When our sewing school started, he was one of the first to sign up. However, he quickly turned from a student to a teacher, and he helps our Sisters Izajasza and Julitta in teaching others. We bought him a machine; and we support him in various ways, because we can see that a little help produces amazing fruit. He spends the entire holiday making uniforms for children and teenagers in our mission. He lives on the money he earns for the rest of the year. Bravo Junior! We are proud of you!

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