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Healthcare Management online course completed!

Since February, Sister Marilyn has been participating in the online cours,e Healthcare Management, sponsored by Medicines for Humanity. Sister Marilyn manages the Mother Angela Clinic, and this course was a perfect fit. It certainly was through the power of the Holy Spirit that this course was found.

On the same day in January, both Sisters Marilyn and Inga read an advertisement about the course offering for missionary sisters in third world countries. As Sister Marilyn was thinking about it, Sister Inga said to her: “There is a course that would be perfect for you to take at this time.” The Holy Spirit speaks quite loudly here at times.

So, on February 28, the online course began. Sister Marilyn met every Monday morning via her computer and internet. The key was having access to internet. It usually lasted 4-5 hours but, thank God, you can do an online course at your own pace and time. The weekly classes included other days when a speaker would be on ZOOM. The course included the following: Asset Management, management process, creating organizational statements, policies and procedures manual, organizational policies and management, financial management, human resource management, asset management, CHW Community Health Workers, and projects management. Everything that was presented is certainly used here in the Felician Mission Haiti!

To complete the course, a project was to be presented at the end of 12 weeks. Sister Marilyn created a Manual of Operation for the Mother Angela Clinic.

On July 5, Sister Marilyn presented her project, using a PowerPoint presentation. She had submitted her manual on June 6, and it was approved. And yes, she passed the course and will receive a certificate.

The manual is going to be translated into Creole and given to the employees.

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A house being built on steady rock…

These last two months, we have been watching a house being built on steady rock. Everyday, workers are here building a space for the sewing classes. The space will also be used for other activities. This is in God’s plan for never could we have imagined another building on the mission property. It is getting there…