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And God give me sisters and brothers and all his creation…

Praise the Lord! All life is a gift! As I enter this day, I am so grateful to God for life, my parents, family Felician family and you. All these are gift that I reverence and for which I thank God as I celebrate my gift of life today. I have so much to thank God for, and the litany of thanks is endless. The Word of God today speaks to me of two things; one is the call of God. For Amos, it was to prophesy. He was called to remind others that they were not living up to God’s covenant. My other thought is about the grace of mercy from the Father. As I grow older, I see or am made aware of what paralyzes me, as well as my frailties and weaknesses. But recognizing that I am embraced by that unconditional divine mercy gives me life and freedom. So today, as I come before my Lord in prayer and Eucharist, I shall also pray for you and thank God for the gift you are to me in my life.🙏🏾❤️✌🏿🎁🥳

Today’s Mass was celebrated with Fr. Emmanuel, who was celebrating his 4th anniversary of priesthood!
Thanking God for my community!
Thanking God for my community!
Alleluia is always a song in our hearts!
Delicious feast day chocolate cake with pudding inside!
Sr. Julitta’s creation, and it was delicious!
My annual homemade carrot cake by Sr. Inga! It, too, was delicious!!!!!!
I saved two pieces in the freezer for Sunday dinner!
Birthday greetings from Angelika.
Birthday greetings from Frankey.

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