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Water Servants that Give Life! Part 2

On Monday, March 28, the water program was presented to women at the Mercedarian Sisters Clinic. Sr. Dorca had 19 women participate in the 3-hour program presented by Madam Omanie and Annette. Sisters Julitta and Marilyn assisted with the program.

Women register…
Opening prayer and sharing God’s Word for Life!
Annettes’s water song that thanks God for this precious gift for life!
Sr. Julitta demonstrated each part of the filter and bucket.
Showing how the filter works…
Each woman learned how to clean the filter, a task that must be done every day.
Knowing how to use the syringe and flush the filter is a learning process.
All women accept the challenge to share clean water with their families and neighbors.
Water Servants that Give Life!

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