Serve where you are needed…

15 Jan

Mother Mary Angela told her daughters to serve where they are needed. This seems to be the motto of the Mother Angela Clinic, which travels to places where no healthcare facilities are available for miles. On Thursday, January 14, Sister Marilyn went with the clinic to Lavyal. It is a beautiful place up in the mountains. The air is very clear and at least 10 degrees cooler than in Jacmel. At this site, we use the National school building. In each area where we serve the illnesses are different, but all are very serious. So many thoughts go through our minds as we visit each place. In Lavyal, vegetables grow in abundance, and women practice the art of basket weaving to use to sort beans and corn or to place products to sell. Before the clinic starts, Sister Marilyn loves to talk to the people nearby.

This woman has begun her work for the day, weaving baskets to sell in the market. She finds bamboo trees and strips them, dries out the strips and begins to weave. When Sister Marilyn told her she has a gift from God because she was so precise, she said: “ Mesi Bondye, mesi.” Thank you God, thank you!
Nelie collects 100 gourds (74 cents) from each patient, takes their blood pressure, and blood sugar if they are older. Sister Marilyn takes their age, sex and weight. The process moves very quickly so at least 75 patients can be seen within a few hours.
Dr. Yves, who has been with us since the beginning, knows all his patients by name. They come every month to see him. In Lavyal, many people over the age of 40 have extremely high blood pressure and diabetes. With the Mother Angela Clinic, they can be monitored monthly and receive medication.
Babies and children see Dr. Valcin.
In this area, many children have skin infections. This is due to them sleeping on dirt floors. This child is 1 year old; he has this infection everywhere on his body.
This child, about 4 years old, only has it in her ears.
Medications are always needed. We are in great need of vitamins, blood pressure medications, hydrocortisone and other creams for fungus. Here you see Rosemanie putting calamine lotion in a water bottle. This is how we give out our liquid medications. Patients know to bring their own bottles but we still collect them, too.
After Sr. Marilyn helps with taking vital signs for the nurse and doctor, she helps in the pharmacy.
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