He lifts me up…

19 Oct

Today we would like to introduce to you Davi (short for Davinsky), who lives in the same household as Kasi. You may be thinking this sounds like a Polish name. Well, it is; there was a time when some Poles left the French army to help fight with Haitians for their freedom. People call Davinsky and Kasi brother and sister; but, in reality, they are cousins.

When we first met Davi, we heard people calling him Tata. This is the name those who gave him life called him. Tata is not a very nice word here in Haiti. It means “poop.” It certainly does not speak well of those who gave him life. Davi’s mother died soon after he was born.

Davi does not do well in school. He has difficulties with reading, writing, math, critical thinking skills. His only life experience is life on the streets. But Davinsky loves to come to the Felician Mission and participate in all our activities. He knows that he must behave in a certain way to be a part of our community, and he tries his best to do so. The day of his Baptism and First Holy Communion, by the smile on his face and the look in his eyes, it seemed to us it was first time he really felt like he belonged to something greater than himself, to God’s family.

Davi is 8 years old and is about 4 feet tall. Nobody ever knows where he is. He hangs around on the streets and is a very fast runner. When he plays sports with the boys, he plays with all his might. He never lets his height get in the way of what he can do. We are wondering if he will grow any taller than he is now.

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