05 Oct

It was sunset when we gathered to remember that Saint Francis died just after sunset on October 3. He recited Psalm 142 and, during the closing verse, he died. This event is solemnly recalled each year by Franciscans all over the world to honor their holy Father’s entrance into joy. Here in Jacmel, Haiti, we gathered as a local home to remember…

St. Francis reminds us how we are to be living Gospels to all. And so we gathered to remember…

It is written in the Life of St. Francis that “As the brothers shed bitter tears and wept inconsolably, the holy father had bread brought to him. He blessed and broke it, and gave each of them a piece to eat. He also ordered a Book of the Gospels to be brought and asked that the Gospel according to Saint John be read to him, starting from the place which begins…. (John 13: 1‐15) before the feast of Passover….He was remembering that most sacred Supper, the last one the Lord celebrated with his disciples. In reverent memory of this, to show his brothers how much he loved them, he did all of this.”

We pray, Loving God and Lord of all life, as we assemble in faith and thanksgiving. We believe in the power of your call to Gospel conversion and the summons to rebuild your house. As we remember the birth into eternal life of our Seraphic Father Francis, help us die to ourselves and so live for you. Let the mystery of the cross and resurrection, with its promise of life eternal, so inflame us with love as to free us to pour out our lives in loving service to all. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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