“Give aid to all without exception…for everybody is your neighbor.” Mother Mary Angela

08 Sep

“Give aid to all without exception; your vocation obliges you not to exclude anyone, for everybody is our neighbor.” These words written by our foundress, Mother Mary Angela, were seen in action on Monday, September 7, when the Mother Angela Clinic team accepted its latest invitation to “serve where needed.”

At the request of the pastor from St. Anthony’s parish in Lavaneau, the Mother Angela Clinic team responded with joy as they heard the needs of the poor. Fr. Guy-Robert Gabaud had come with a request to visit his parish community, which was in need of medical care. Many suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. They have no help, especially since March when COVID-19 struck.

Another community of Sisters near the parish had been running a clinic, but they needed to return to their motherhouse in the Dominican Republic in order to care for their own Sisters. This left the community at Lavaneau without any medical assistance or care since the Sisters left in late March/ early April. We made the commitment to serve the community until the Sisters return.

The people from the near by villages come to the parish Church. When we arrived they were all waiting for us.
The Mother Angela Clinic team introduces themselves and gives a 15-minutes presentation on health education.
Fritz sets up for the clinic.
Nurse Nelie takes all the vital signs.
Sr. Marilyn takes everyone’s weight.
Dr. Yves sees a patient.
Dr. Valcin sees his new little patient. She is happy with her new medications.
Rosemanie fills the prescriptions.

Sr. Marilyn assists with medications.

At the end of the day, 73 patients later, the team was ready to return to Jacmel.

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  1. jeanpaulbonnet

    September 8, 2020 at 9:51 pm

    May god continue to bless you.

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