Tropical Storm Laura paid us a visit…

23 Aug

Tropical Storm Laura made her way to Haiti early Sunday morning.
She brought heavy rains and gusts of winds that had to have been more than 60 km/h. There had to have been flash-floods, and we were notified to be aware of mudslides.

The heavy rains started in the middle of the night with thunder and lightening. As we awoke, we took our usual Sunday morning time for solitude. But then we entered the kitchen and noticed water all over the floor. The rains were coming down so strong we needed to check the whole complex. Water was coming from everywhere.

Sisters Inga and Izzy, as well as Annette, started immediately mopping up water from the convent and the Mother Angela Kitchen.

Sr. Marilyn and Jean Philippe went to the computer lab and clinic buildings. The rains by this time were coming so quickly and with such heavy winds that we saw a flood of water flowing into the computer lab. We were ankle deep in water, and the computers on the tables were soaked. They were all plugged into the wall and power surges which were under the water. Jean Philippe quickly turned off the electricity in the building. Then everyone joined us to dry off the computers as quickly as we could, putting them in plastic boxes. Take a look at what was happening…

Then we went to the clinic building, moving boxes and desks and again cleaning up the water that was leaking through the vents of the roof. Thank God the medications were saved. As we were cleaning, the lights began to flicker so Jean Philippe again turned off the electricity.

The rains stopped about 3:30 p.m., but the winds were still pretty strong. The water everywhere was subsiding.

We have much to clean up, and some of our fruit trees were pulled from the ground; but, hopefully, they can be saved. We pray for our people who do not have strong homes and firm foundations.

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