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Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

On Saturday, June 20, we joined Felician Sisters and Associates throughout the world for the traditional Ceremony of Hearts that we offer on the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We are reminded today of the many times Mary pondered things in her heart, especially in those times she did not understand. We, too, desire to learn this grace from Mary.

Most of us have trust issues, even with God. We have those issues because of what is happening to us at a given moment of our lives when it doesn’t make sense. Events in our lives can easily overwhelm us and fill us with fear–like the virus that keeps spreading here in Haiti, and the rest of the world.

It is in times like these that the life of Mary can speak us. She was battered by many tragedies in her life and was often afraid. Yet, her steadfastness in remaining open to the mystery of God and trusting in God’s faithfulness never wavered. She was present from the beginning to the end and beyond, into the life of the early Church. She is a true disciple. As we remember and honor Mary today, may each of us ask her to intercede to God that He would help us in our lives to never lose heart and to trust that He is always with us.

As we mentioned earlier, today Felician Sisters throughout the world have a special ceremony of placing wax hearts before Mary and entrusting themselves to her to be totally for Jesus, her Son. Our beloved foundress, Blessed Angela, desired this for herself and for her sisters.

We did not have wax hearts; ours are made of paper. As you see, we not only offered ourselves but also all of you who accompany us and the people of Haiti.

Act of Consecration

composed by Blessed Mary Angela)

O BELOVED HEART of my Immaculate Mother, I desire to make an offering of myself to you, for belonging to you, I belong to Jesus also.

O dearest and sweetest Heart of Mary, I consecrate myself wholly to you as your exclusive and entire possession forever.

Accept me, O Heart of my Mother, for you never reject anyone. I give you my body, my heart and my soul; all my actions, thoughts, words, desires, and intentions I dedicate wholly to you. I offer you all my joys and consolations; on you I place the burden of the sorrows and afflictions which Jesus may wish to send me. I give you even my sins and my failings. May I be so closely united to you as to say: I live now not I, but the heart of Mary lives in me.

Feel, love and do all in me; rule my entire being; guide those whom you have place over me. And I solemnly promise you, O sweetest Heart, I promise and vow my fidelity until death. Watch over me and give me strength that I may keep this vow, that being yours on this earth, I may be yours for all eternity. Amen.


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