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Blessed St. Felix Day! Deo Gratias, Thanks be to God!

We imitate the joy, simplicity, and “Deo Gratias” of Saint Felix of Cantalice, whose name Divine Providence has chose for our Congregation.

We wanted to celebrate our novena in preparation for the feast of St. Felix in a different way. We decided that, whenever a child came to the gate, we would share with them the story of St. Felix and give them a candy. For the babies, we would give them a toy. As the nine days unfolded, we saw what joy this simple gesture gave to kids. During this pandemic, our activities have been put on hold; but daily someone would be at our door.

The kids preparing for First Holy Communion were coming for a fitting for their new dresses. We would then show them the statue of St. Felix (see in the background) and tell his story.

On Sunday, May 17, we decided to celebrate together the feast of St. Felix with a barbecue. We had much to celebrate–St. Felix, of course; Jean Philip who lives in St. Felix House on the property; and the past birthdays of Annette and Sr. Inga. It was a great celebration!

🎶Happy belated Birthday to you!🎵

On May 18, the feast of St. Felix, we were ready to share the joy of the Lord with our friends. We sent a message out to our kids to come to us at 3 p.m. We had prepared St. Felix cookies, topped with a chocolate candy, to give to those who came. We also made peanut butter sandwiches to be served with a glass of Gatorade.

St. Felix cookies!

Sure enough, the kids were right on time. We were aware of the social distancing that needed to take place, and each child received a mask to wear.

Sr. Inga welcomed everyone and shared the story of St. Felix with all. She spoke about the life and joy of St. Felix and asked him to intercede for them and their families, that they might be protected from the Coronavirus. Sr. Marilyn blessed each child with holy water and St. Felix oil.

When all was finished, we proclaimed DEO GRATIAS, giving praise to God for the joy of the Lord in our midst even during a pandemic. St. Felix could always be heard saying “Lord, I entrust these people to you.” And so, we, too, did the same.

Happy St. Felix Day from us to you!
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