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Jacmel gets a new Bishop

On Saturday, March 9, the Diocese of Jacmel installed her third Bishop.

Bishop Glandas Marie Erick Toussaint

Cardinal Chibly Langlois, Archbishop Eugene Nugent (Apostolic Nuncio for Haiti), and Bishops from dioceses throughout Haiti, were present for the Installation Mass. All our priests from the Diocese of Jacmel, as well as visiting priests, were present. As Jean-Philip said, he felt like he was at the Vatican.

Even though we could not be present for the installation, Felician hospitality was shared by those who live with us on the mission complex. We opened wide the doors for all the priests to vest and gather for the procession to the temporary Cathedral next to us. As our people told us, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

The choir also had a space to gather before leading the procession.

Archbishop Launay Saturne said to us: “The bishops were very welcomed by Annette and Jean-Philip. He took photos to show you. The bishop and the nuncio do like your site. So do all the priests.”

The celebration of the Eucharist was a glorious event for the whole diocese of Jacmel. Everyone, from near and far, was present.

We praise God for our new Bishop and assure him we shall accompanying him in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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