Program Outreach Coordinator for Felician Sisters of North America visits Haiti Mission

11 Sep

On Sunday, September 9, Caroline Stanfill, Program Outreach Coordinator for the Felician Sisters of North America, arrived in Jacmel at the Felician Haiti Mission. Her joy beamed as we introduced ourselves and met the Lord in each other. The purpose of her visit is to get to know the Mission, as we offer opportunities for people to share in the art of accompaniment. Daily, she is entering our life here and truly being present to all those she meets. Already she has a friend, James, a shy little boy, who took a liking to Caroline. She taught him how to play ping pong. The next day he came up to us and said: “I want to ask the white lady if she wants to play with me again.” We told him, “Go ask yourself.” Sure enough, he did. The power of presence and relationship is transforming!

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