The manifestation of the Son of God to the world begs belief from us, by which we will be led home by another way.

07 Jan

💫 On this Feast of the Epiphany, we wish you all peace as you make your journey through 2018. We would like to share a story that makes the words of the Gospel real for us. It is a story of two young girls, not sisters, who live together as though they are being led home by another way.

Meet Mathilda…

Meet Ludvica…

They are teens, not knowing who their parents are. When they were small, they were given to their aunt to care for them. They came to us about a year ago. They are very good students. They needed our assistance with school, so we are sponsoring them. They pay it forward by working with us as mentors and tutors for our young kids. They help in every way around our mission and are always ready to help in any way they can. They are two beautiful young teenagers, desiring a good education and wanting to do something beautiful for God. They are now preparing to receive the sacraments of Christian Initiation with us.

Right after Christmas, their lives totally changed. Their aunt who was raising them was not able to pay the rent for the shack they were living in here in Jacmel. Knowing that they are in a good school, she wanted them to stay here in Jacmel to complete the year. The aunt left to be with her mother and father who live very far away. The girls are living now with a friend’s family in a two-room shack. We asked where they were sleeping, and they told us they sleep on the dirt floor; but they were grateful they had a place and roof over their heads.

We knew there was something we had to do. We assured them they can count on us as their family even when they have no one else here. We gave them one of our guest room mattresses, two blankets, and sheets. This seems like such a small way to help make their lives a little better. Yes, they are like those who have to go to a home another way, but these two lovely young teens will make the best of what God is giving them. Please pray with us for them.

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