“I have done what is mine to do; now you go, and do what is yours to do.”

05 Oct

On October 3, in the evening, our teenagers gathered with us to celebrate the Transitus of our holy father, St. Francis of Assisi. After sharing with them the story and life of St. Francis, we watched a short video on his prayers and his passion, as well as his love for the cross, creation, non-violence, living the Gospel, and embracing all of humanity.  

We then shared the final moments of the death of St. Francis, when he asked for  the Gospel of John 13:1-17 to be read. The blessed bread was then broken and shared, followed by Psalm 142, which was chanted by one of our boys. After this, all were encouraged to do what is theirs to do, as we live today as followers of the Gospel of Jesus. 

May the Lord give you peace!

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