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Seeing Rosamita again! 🤗

On Wednesday, while we were taking Fabiola for her tests, we went to visit little Rosamita. She looks wonderful! She is walking and talking. Of course, when she first saw us, she was a bit apprehensive. But then she seemed to realize who we were. Of course, a cookie or two helped.

We also had good news that Rosamita’s mother, Christella, has been visiting monthly, as well as her father.

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Serve where you are needed…

On Monday, September 25, we were returning after 5 p.m. from the airport at Port au Prince. When we pulled into the property, we saw a group of kids gathered. Fabiola, a 13-year-old, had passed out. This has happened to her before, and we had taken her to the hospital. This was a bit different because it looked as though she was having a seizure of some sort. We took her again to the hospital. This is always an interesting adventure, since you need to find your own gurney and then push it into the emergency room. Then you have to look for the doctor yourself. They seem to know us there, so they responded to us immediately. Then we needed to go and buy the necessary medications, so we went to the hospital pharmacy; but they did not have everything that was prescribed. Sr. Marilyn then went to the streets to check other pharmacies.

It was suggested that Fabiola see a neurologist. At first, we wondered how can this happen, but then they showed us a paper with a doctor’s name. He has hours at a clinic on Wednesday’s and he would do some tests needed.

On Wednesday morning, September 27, we took Fabiola and her mother to the clinic.

The clinic was next to the orphanage where little Rosamita is living. Remember her? We got Fabiola registered. Thank God we have been networking, because we knew one of the doctors who knows the Mother Angela Clinic and our work. The neurologist was also familiar with our clinic. What a blessing for us! 

We learn more and more how the ministry of presence calls us to serve where needed. Fabiola is now on medication and will return next month to monitor the medication and to be tested again. We thank God that this way was shown to us.

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