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Treating Termites in Haiti 😫

On July 13, we started to get our suitcases ready for our return to the States. We noticed something brown growing on one of them. As we looked closer, we saw tiny worm-like bugs. 

We washed the suitcase immediately and did some research on the internet. We noticed in the closet where we keep the suitcases that there were lines that looked like dirt in different places.

Then we learned that we have termites. So we decided to clean everything and asked for help from Fritz (our Mother Angela Clinic driver). We began looking for the nest, and, when we saw it, we realized that we needed to get rid of the closet.

But then we saw another nest of them in the other closet and realized the whole thing had to be taken down. The termites were everywhere–in the doors, in the side panels. They were literally everywhere.

After everything was taken down and out of the room, the toilet pipe burst; and we had water everywhere. Thanks be to God, we had help! We called our plumber, and he came immediately.
Well, hours later, after everything was cleaned, we put things back in the room, only to find out that now we didn’t have any water.


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