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“They began to bring the sick wherever they heard he was.” Mark 6:55

This passage from scripture is fulfilled daily here in the mission. Everyday people come to our door with ailments, wounds and accidents. After the treatment, there is always a blessing and prayer for healing.

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Let the children come…

It seems as though everyday more and more children come to us who are so hungry. Our food program keeps growing. We trust in God’s providence to help us respond to this need among us. 

“Day by day we challenge ourselves to love more and love better. It is in this way that we are truly Christians, truly sisters and brothers in the Kingdom of God.” Chia-Yang Kao, S.J

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Monthly Masses for children preparing for First Communion

Every first Sunday of the month, we go to a special Mass for children preparing for their First Communion in Jacmel. They are kids from the Catholic Schools and those who are in catechetical programs. We bring five of our kids every month to this Mass in the new multi-purpose center. This was built after the earthquake because our Cathedral was destroyed.

The singing is absolutely beautiful. And the children’s participation is precious. Indeed, let the children come to me.


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Celebrating Consecrated Life in the Diocese of Jacmel πŸ•―

On Saturday, February 4, all the religious in the Diocese gathered to celebrate Consecrated Life. We received our annual invitation, there would be a speaker, Mass and dinner. From our past experiences we knew that the presentations would be in French. We have spent that last 4 years learning Creole, and knew we would not be able to understand everything. So we said we would come for the Mass and dinner. Sr. Janet Lehman, SC the other sister who is from the U.S. who work in the Norte Dame University, Jacmel was also with us. When we arrived before the time when Mass was scheduled, we were told that the talks were in Creole for us. But we did not receive any message that it was changed. This was very humbling for us. We were able to join in the group sharing they had scheduled before the Mass. It was a beautiful experience to be with the religious of the Diocese to celebrate together our call to live a missionary life in community witnessing to Gospel Life.

β€œI ask you to pray for the priests, sisters, and brothers belonging to contemplative and apostolic Religious Institutes,” Pope Francis said. β€œTheir life dedicated to the Lord, and their charismatic service, will bear abundant fruit for the good of the faithful, and for the evangelizing mission of the Church.β€πŸ‡»πŸ‡¦

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A day of celebration πŸŽπŸŽ‰

On Thursday, February 2 we celebrated the Presentation of the Lord and Consecrated Life beginning the day with the Holy Eucharist. Today is the blessed day when Jesus was presented in the Temple by Mary and Joseph. We blessed our candles and carried them to be Christ’s light to the world. It was a simple celebration but holy. At the end of Mass Father gave Sr. Inga a special blessing for her birthday.

Whenever you celebrate your birthday here in Haiti, known as a FET, you have to have some treats to share with others. We decided that we would have BINGO in the afternoon, with prizes and goodies. We thank Sr. Jessica from Beaver Falls, Pa. who gave us boxes of Cracker Jacks that we shared with the kids, soda and candy. The night before Sr. Marilyn prepared, the first time in her life, a blueberry cheesecake, which happens to be Sr. Inga’s favorite. 

In the afternoon, with the help of our teens, we prepared our Bingo Hall. We set up prizes and got everything ready to celebrate Sr. Inga’s birthday. We had three others celebrating too, Dr. Wanitha (from our Mother Angela Clinic), Fabiola and John Love. We also had our Mother Angela Clinic team assisting us and Madam Omanie with her daughter Debora. The kids had a wonderful time!

After the Bingo and food, we cleaned up and proceeded upstairs to the house to continue the celebration and have the cake the clinic team gave to Sr. Inga. It was a big feast with cake, ice cream, soda and of course cheesecake.

As we came to the close of this beautiful day, we ended with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Evening Prayer. Thanks be to God for the joy and blessings of this day. πŸ˜‡πŸŽ

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