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The gift of a hummingbird in our kitchen!

This morning, as we entered the kitchen, to our surprise we saw a hummingbird flying around. What a beautiful gift from God!

Hummingbird Meaning… “Appearing out of no where the Hummingbird springs joy in the heart, and there is magic in the air in this moment of fleeting serendipity. Iridescent colors shimmering in the breeze, she pauses mid air to to drink in the sweet nectar that the flower so generously provides her. Hummingbird is a symbol of all things good.”  

Hummingbird Symbolism…”The sweet little bird of joy, ever so dainty and beautiful, the Hummingbird symbolizes great courage, determination, flexibility and adaptability. This little beauty is only a few ounces in weight, yet has the courage of a lion. Indeed size is of no consequence. Hummingbird is a totem of fearlessness, and represents lightness of being.”
Do you think God has a message for us?

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